Franz Jewelry


Franz Fashion Accessories has stepped to the forefront… and, certainly not in a shy way. This is a time of such creative fervor and self expression for both designers and for the women wearing these designs.

Whether bold, demure, or simply outrageous, Franz Fashion Accessories is now bending all the rules and jumping boundaries of placement and size. Multiple pins are the rage, and pendants have taken on new meaning as an art form. Unusual subjects and new materials abound.

It is in this time of spirited creativity that G.G. Santiago one of our featured artists designed a series of porcelain accessories for the Franz collection. Shapes are new … mostly inspired by nature and presented in a totally innovative format. G.G. has boldly captured from the most intriguing features of bugs, beetles, and flowers for the sake of adorning her pieces so that they become as personal as the signature of the woman who chooses to wear them. G.G.’s fervent hope is that these amulets will appeal to the free spirit which lives in all of us. Wear them on a chain, a cord, or a silk ribbon, … wear one or several, … pin them on a sweater, hat, your belt or purse, break the old rules, … step out of the old safety zone! Be noticed, it’s time.

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